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19-06-’22: Class Experience | Online

Sunday June 19, 2022

Try out a real live Online class webinar for yourself! The Executive Online MBA Class Experience allows you to get acquainted with our innovative learning methods and unique online educational atmosphere by becoming a student in an actual MBA course of our Executive Online MBA track. During this Online MBA Class Experience, Prof. Clemens Bechter will discus one of the themes of the International Marketing online course.

Event details

Date Sunday June 19, 2022
Time 3.00 – 4.30 pm CET
Venue Online via Zoom
Topic Advertising Agency Briefing
Instructor Prof. Clemens Bechter


Session description

As a group assignment, participants have to draft a marketing plan for a product/service of their choice. Based on the marketing plan a so-called Agency Briefing is held during the webinar. Teams perform role play. Whereas in the first 6 weeks they have to prepare the marketing plan, they have to be creative in the final week and design print ads for another team. It is done like in real-life whereby a client (company) specifies the goals of a promotional campaign and an advertising agency translates these goals into creative ads. There are pre-programmed conflicts of course. Some clients overspecify their goals and leave the agency little room for creativity whereas others are too vague so the agency is unclear about the actual goals.

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