adrie vreeke

Adrie Vreeke

Here at the MaastrichtMBA, we love our alumni and enjoy staying in touch! We recently caught up with class of 2015 alumni Adrie Vreeke  and discussed how the MaastrichtMBA made him hungry for more learning.

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Fast facts

  • Name: Adrie Vreeke
  • Started: September 2012
  • Graduated: December 2015
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Company: DSM
  • Function: Manager Business Intelligence Competence Center Projects

So Adrie, why did you want to start an MBA?

My reasons to start an MBA programme were to:

  • broaden my knowledge,
  • step back from the daily business and commitments to reflect on global business challenges,
  • develop my personal (leadership) skills,
  • and connect with likeminded people from the MBA community.

What made you end up choosing the MaastrichtMBA?

I chose the MaastrichtMBA because of its modular set-up, which allowed me to work full-time during the MBA programme and still gave me the opportunity to fully focus on the MBA during the modules. The curriculum of the MaastrichtMBA also offered a good mix between extensive knowledge gathering, personal development and leadership.

How did you benefit from our program in particular?

The MaastrichtMBA benefited me in multiple ways. I broadened my knowledge according to expectations and grew on a personal level. The MBA programme also resulted in a continuous hunger for new research insights and learning.

Stay hungry for knowledge, Adrie! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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