the programme

One of its kind…

Building a large pool of lasting friendships and valuable business relations with like-minded people from all over the world… it is one of the key advantages of our executive track has in store for you. Our student population is unique in many ways. With 89 professionals representing 31 different nationalities and 73 organisations across the globe, you join a network of talented professionals that really is one of its kind!

Meeting twice as many students

The executive track has an active student body of 63 participants with another 26 students passionately working on their Business Consulting Project. Due to the modular format, students enter and exit the track each module, which means you will actively meet twice as many students as in any other programme format!

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Tied to the corporate world

Our corporate network is a true melting pot, backed by 73 public and private, profit and non-profit organisations that are active in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, banking, commercial services, IT, telecommunications and consulting. The common goal is educating people to become world leaders in their field of expertise and beyond.

The executive level

With an average age of 38, our students are significantly more experienced than those in the average executive MBA programme. We value age diversity; our youngest student is 28 and our oldest is 55. Although we require at least five years of work experience, our students on average hold 15 years of experience.

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The world at your feet

Maastricht University is proud to be the most international university of the Netherlands. MaastrichtMBA very much underlines this global reputation. Your MBA journey will be a multinational and multicultural learning experience when you join our diverse student body. Our students represent 31 different nationalities and 70% of our active student comes from outside the Netherlands.

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