Growing for the Future

The second educational week of 2022 also has a focus on skill development. It takes place at one of our European partner universities: the renowned Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland.

During the week in Warsaw the participants have the opportunity to focus on the competences for the future. You will discuss artificial intelligence disciplines and their impact on various economic sectors; key management changes resulting from technological developments; data science revolution, death of distance, death of time; and what the e-economy has changed for all organisations.


Apart from classes you will work on a group project with a Polish company – a global provider of IT solutions for business, which in the last years made its way to the international markets of new technologies. You will also have a unique opportunity to learn more about Poland – both in the classroom and outside.


Founded in 1993, Kozminski University is a Triple Crown accreditated, private, non profit business school, considered to be the best business school in Poland and Central Europe according to the Financial Times.


  • Artificial Intelligence In Organisational Strategy
  • Business Models In The New Economy
  • Poland’s Economy – Achievements And Challenges
  • Company Project


.Study load: 70 hours (13 weeks)
Contact time: 40 hours (5 days)
Credits: 6 ECTS

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