Responsible Leadership and Sustainability elective

Transforming our economic system and businesses in such a way that we no longer compromise ecological systems while achieving equitable economic outcomes for all remains one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Climate change, biodiversity loss, resource degradation, poverty and inequality are just some of those many wicked problems which often seem unsolvable.


This strategic change implies a fundamental shift of an individual, team or organisation in direction and/or processes. The scope and impact of a strategic change is large and it deeply impacts known structures. Strategic change affects all stakeholders and the web of relationships; employees in all echelons, suppliers, shareholders, customers, etc.


In this elective, we focus on your role as a leader of a change process. Leading strategic change is about how you facilitate the ambition of you and your organisation into action. How you (always) co-shape the outcome of interaction and what you can do to increase the chances on successful change, and to learn more about the challenges at hand and what can be done about it are the central themes of the Responsible Leadership and Sustainability elective.


Feel free to explore the various elements of the unique Responsible Leadership & Sustainability modules in more detail below.

Digital Business elective

In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of data due to digitalisation. Many new algorithmic techniques have emerged to use the data for improved decision making. New companies are disrupting traditional markets by innovative digital business models, while established players are booking success by adapting their organisations and business relationships to the digital age. Thereby, data science—the art of turning data into value—becomes a key competence in business organisations and governmental institutions.


To respond adequately to the resulting increase in demand for expertise on how to transform data science into (business) value, we offer an executive MBA with an elective on Digital Business. It connects Maastricht University’s expertise in the field of data science and its applications, with current and pressing business challenges from organisations and governmental institutions worldwide. Together we find new routes to navigate the complexity of this topic.


Feel free to explore the various elements of the unique Digital Business modules  in more detail below.

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