EuroMBA Online

MaastrichtMBA is an executive programme that is part of UMIO, the executive branch of Maastricht University. The programme excels through a well-balanced approach in providing students with state of the art business knowledge and leadership skills. MaastrichtMBA now offers the EuroMBA Online track. This online track is designed for professionals who need more flexibility to combine their study with their busy work and private life.


Maastricht: Europe’s heart

Since 1992, Maastricht has been one of the informal capitals of Europe. Situated in the Netherlands and close to Germany and Flemish and French speaking Belgium, it connects Nordic Western Europe with Central Europe and Mediterranean Europe. Maastricht is a place to appreciate the diversity Europe has to offer.


We put this idea at the centre of an online MBA track, which is part of MaastrichtMBA. The online courses are given by professors from Maastricht University and from our top European partner universities. In addition, you will visit Maastricht University and two other European universities during the two-year programme, bringing you into contact with different European cultures.


Benefits of an online MBA track

The EuroMBA Online track offers busy professionals the opportunity to follow an MBA study. The online teaching format offers students maximum flexibility, which makes it easier for them to integrate the study into their busy lives.


The online study platform enables intensive interaction with your peer students. Via this platform, you can collaborate 24/7 on projects and exchange experiences. During the three residential weeks, you will meet your fellow students face to face.


The flexibility of the online programme attracts an enormous diversity of students. Professionals from all over the world see the benefits of studying online and sign up for this European track.


We develop future leaders for future business

Are you ready for the future? Do you have the skills that a future leader needs? We give you the tools to become the manager of the future. We will show you how to identify future growth, how to create new and unique products and how to transform your organisations to meet those needs. However, we will also enable you to make the change happen through combining knowledge acquisition with personal growth and development.


  • We enable participants to develop both intellectually and practically to realise their personal and professional goals.
  • We create an international community of leaders with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds engaging in a constructive exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • We offer a permanent learning and networking environment.


Combining online education with residential weeks

The EuroMBA Online track is an online MBA programme enriched with three residential weeks at top universities in Europe. The programme consists of ten online courses that cover the functional areas of business, providing you with the basic tools modern managers need. Extensive attention is also paid to mega trends, such as digitisation and sustainability. These weeks offer a unique thematic learning environment, bringing together managers from around the world.


The three residential weeks focus on skill development – in particular these weeks will allow you to exercise and experiment with tools and techniques to implement your plans in your unit and organisation. They are designed to inspire you with contemporary themes in management. You will discover the latest opportunities and tools available to managers that will allow you to develop your skills as managers.


The three residential weeks will be organised by Maastricht University and a selection of European partners. One of three residential weeks will be offered by Maastricht University, while you can choose the other two residential weeks out of a selection of four European partner universities.


Weeks in 2020

  • Leading Strategic Change (Maastricht University)
  • Entrepreneurship & Creativity (Aix Marseille Graduate School of Management)
  • Managing through a Business Life Cycle (EADA Business School, Barcelona)
  • Innovation (HHL Leipzig)


Networked MBA programme

EuroMBA Online is a networked MBA programme. You will become a student of Maastricht University and upon completion, you will receive the Triple Crown accredited MaastrichtMBA diploma. The Dutch Ministry of Education also recognises this diploma as a full master’s degree. In addition to the diploma, you will receive recognition certificates from the universities that you have visited during the residential weeks. No other MBA programme offers the same type of flexibility, while you can build or expand your international network at the same time.