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MaastrichtMBA in Digital Business is aimed at professionals and managers in corporations, government, and non-profit organisations as well as life-long learners with other experiences and backgrounds. What they have in common is an intrinsic motivation to deepen and broaden their knowledge of business administration with a specific emphasis on today’s data science opportunities. With this motivation in mind, MaastrichtMBA tries to accommodate working professionals in the best way possible. To be eligible for this programme, you must have a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of relevant work experience.


Choose your own speed of learning with a study load of 15 hours per week on average and 8 educational weeks in 2 years


With our flexible modular curriculum you can complete the programme in any order you like


Face-to-face interactions are supported by a virtual learning environment to study anywhere, anytime

Digital Business focus

In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of data due to digitalization. Many new algorithmic techniques have emerged to use the data for improved decision making. New companies are disrupting traditional markets by innovative digital business models, while established players are booking success by adapting their organisations and business relationships to the digital age. Thereby, data science—the art of turning data into value—becomes a key competence in business organisations and governmental institutions.

MBA Maastricht
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Piece by piece

MaastrichtMBA is designed around a smart bundle of holistic business themes you can cover in any order, an excellent solution for ambitious professionals who sometimes need to prioritise work above study. For each module that comes along, simply choose whether you will join it or not. As long as you complete all educational weeks within four years, you are free to arrange your study however you like.

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February, 2020Digital Management
May, 2020International Business Environment
September, 2020Understanding Organisations in Times of Change
November, 2020Digital Strategy

Assisted by technology

Alongside face-to-face interactions, MaastrichtMBA’s virtual learning environment serves to maintain your study rhythm any time, anywhere. By closely connecting the in-class sessions with online learning activities, the programme offers a practical, blended learning approach to management education.

MBA Maastricht

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