Harm Mulder

Here at the MaastrichtMBA, we love our alumni and enjoy staying in touch! We recently caught up with alumni Harm Mulder and his “sparring partner”.

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Fast facts

  • Name: Harm Mulder
  • Started: September 2014
  • Graduated: December 2016
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Company: Zorg aan Zet
  • Function: Project Coordinator Training

Why did you want to get an MBA?

In my work as manager training at Leeuwenborgh (Regional Education Center), I found the business-aspect wanting. That is why I initially did a business administration trajectory at Hogeschool Zuyd. After that, I set my eyes on an MBA. Not only to further deepen my knowledge, but also to go beyond that and work on personal development. This follow up was made easier because I was entitled to certain exemptions in the MaastrichtMBA programme for items I had done already in the business administration course.

Why did you choose the MaastrichtMBA?

The business administration course at Hogeschool Zuyd featured several professors from Maastricht University, which are also involved with the MaastrichtMBA. I was quite impressed by the approach and quality on offer, so in that sense it was an easy choice. Another important consideration was the modular approach of the MaastrichtMBA, which made it doable in combination with my job.

What was your most inspiring moment in the program?

Overall, it was the cooperation among and with fellow students in the study group. In our buddy coaching group we were all evenly matched and really kept each other on our toes. Certainly no slacking allowed! There was a healthy competition with a lot of mutual support to keep each other on track. As a result, I was able to complete the programme in two years, from September 2014 to November 2016.

What was your most challenging moment?

Initially I was a bit daunted by having to write and present in English, but once I took the plunge, I managed quite well.

Did the MaastrichtMBA meet your expectations?

It more than met my expectations! On several occasions I experienced that I can do more and better than I would have thought possible before, because of the stimulating environment and excellent coaching. It has been very enriching to be able to tap into my potential in this way in professional and private settings.

The study was not only very rewarding in terms of educational content, but we were also encouraged to work together and exchange viewpoints and experiences (work and private). The very diverse backgrounds of the students provided a very colourful palette and provided a good addition to the educational content.

Can you explain what you do now and where? What is your current focus?

Since April I am seconded from Leeuwenborgh to Zorg aan Zet (regional labour market organization) as project coordinator Training. Against a background of a serious shortage of labour in health care, we are working to bring together supply and demand on the training and education side. My role is that of project coordinator: connecting stakeholders and boosting the process of devising concrete solutions.

How have you benefited from the MaastrichtMBA?

am confident in my role as a sparring partner on a strategic level. Especially in new situations, I can bring a broader perspective to the table, be creative in searching for solutions and explore that “third option”. I have acquired a broader outlook, but also the mindset to explore issues more in depth when necessary. These are lasting changes, which also apply in my personal life.

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