MBA Maastricht


The investment in our executive MBA is as flexible as the MBA itself. With a total fee of € 28,500 our executive track is being offered at a very competitive rate, yet undoubtedly it is still a solid investment that needs to be considered well in advance. We try to assist our participants in the best possible way and therefore choose to offer payment schemes that are as flexible as the programme itself.


€ 28,500 including classes, study materials, and catering during all educational weeks


A simple pay-as-you-go scheme automatically breaks down tuition fees and works well for most of our students


Tuition fees are free from VAT duties and are deductible from taxable income in most circumstances


MBA students can apply for the “Lerarenbeurs” from DUO– the educational execution agency for the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science


As MaastrichtMBA is accredited by NVAO Dutch residents can apply for the “Lifelong learning credit“ (levenlanglerenkrediet)

Tuition fees

Total costs for joining our executive track are € 28,500. These costs include the tuition fees of all programme components, costs for books and other study materials, access to the University’s physical and virtual learning facilities, and catering during all educational weeks, such as lunches, dinners and coffee breaks. The sum does not include travel expenses and accommodation costs. The executive MBA currently does not provide for scholarships of any kind.

MBA Maastricht
MBA Maastricht

Flexible payment schemes

In the executive MBA tuition fees by default are equally allocated over the educational components of the programme, hence you are being invoiced as you go. No attendance thus means no invoice and fees automatically get spread over the time of your study, no matter if you spend two years on your study or the maximum of four years.

Click here for an overview of the tuition fee break-down

Introduction programme€ 1,000
Educational week 1€ 2,700
Educational week 2€ 2,700
Educational week 3€ 2,700
Educational week 4€ 2,700
Educational week 5€ 2,700
Educational week 6€ 2,700
Educational week 7€ 2,700
International week€ 3,200
Leadership Development Trajectory€ 2,700
Business Consulting Project€ 2,700
TOTAL€ 28,500

Expenses are tax-deductible!

Although we do not offer scholarships for MaastrichtMBA, please keep in mind that tax authorities can compensate for a considerable part of the educational costs you make. As a Dutch resident, tuition fees and other study-related expenses are tax-deductible. Click here to find out more. If you reside abroad, please check with the tax authorities in your country of residence to explore your options.

DUO scholarship

Each year between April 1st and June 30th, MBA students who work in the educational field can apply for the “Lerarenbeurs” from DUO– the educational execution agency for the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Click on the link, access the DUO website and check your eligibility for this opportunity!

Life long learning credit

As MaastrichtMBA is accredited by NVAO Dutch residents can apply for the “Lifelong learning credit“ (levenlanglerenkrediet). You can apply for lifelong learning credit through Mijn DUO. Visit the DUO website to check whether you fit the criteria.

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