Kim Raaijmakers

Kim Raaijmakers

Here at the MaastrichtMBA, we love our alumni and enjoy staying in touch! We recently caught up with class of 2011 alumni Kim Raaijmakers  and discussed how the MaastrichtMBA has impacted her career ever since.

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Fast facts

  • Name: Kim Raaijmakers
  • Started: September 2009
  • Graduated: December 2011
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Company: Assiniboine Community College
  • Function: Business Administration Instructor

Hi Kim, why did you want to get an MBA?

I chose to obtain an MBA as I have always wanted to continue my education. My main driver was learning and developing more tools for my toolbox to become a more rounded and knowledgeable person and employee. I also dreamed of at some point in the future creating my own business and believed this would be a great base to develop from.

What I loved about taking an MBA is the sparring and discussions where I learned from not only the professors but also the students who all had great careers and experiences they brought to the classroom. This is a distinct advantage of taking an Executive MBA, as it allows theories learned to directly be applied to my day-to-day work environment. Through discussions and analyses with other students, I received so many different perspectives that it widened my own horizons and view of the world – something that is invaluable and that I have missed since completing my MBA.

Why did you choose the MaastrichtMBA?

I chose the MaastrichtMBA because of its triple crown accreditation, excellent programme mix, as well as its programme delivery. By offering modules and having classes for a full week and self directed study before and after the module, I was able to maintain a good balance between work, study and family time. Taking an MBA is all-consuming, but I found it easier to manage and schedule with this module format than I believe I would have had with another structure. From a work perspective, my employer also appreciated knowing that there was a defined time (similar to taking a holiday) in which I was not available and taking part in my MBA programme. Further, the opportunity to study with other international professionals and the high caliber of professors made the choice of the MaastrichtMBA an easy one.

I enjoyed my time in Maastricht.

What do you do now and where?

I am currently a Business Instructor at a College in Canada. The MBA has definitely helped me with both obtaining this position as well as providing students with a high level of education.

Can you give an example of something that you experienced in the MaastrichtMBA that has helped you in your career?

The MaastrichtMBA’s Leadership Development Trajectory was a great aid throughout my MBA and has even extended beyond into my career. During my MBA, the leadership coaching challenged me to face a work situation in which I needed to step outside of my comfort zone to address the issues that I was facing. This exercise provided me with confidence that with the correct preparation and a measured approach, difficult situations can be diffused and very valuable gains can be made. I have used this coaching approach often as I continued into my career, but have also provided this as advice when I have been in a position to coach others.

Thanks, Kim. We look forward to staying in touch!

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