Executive On-Campus MBA

Core modules in Maastricht


Elective weeks in Maastricht


Elective weeks abroad


As a student in the Executive On-Campus MBA, you take part in:

  • 5 face-to-face core modules
  • 3 face-to-face elective weeks


The full set of core modules (with purple marking) cover the foundation of business administration that any professional should get comfortable with before graduating from an MBA. These modules are compulsory elements that you need to complete. Where multiple modules are offered in parallel, programme management will determine which module you take.


When it comes to the elective weeks, you as a student can freely decide which of these weeks you participate in. We offer three themes to choose from:

  • Digital Business (with blue marking)
  • Responsible Leadership (with gold marking)
  • Sustainable Innovation (with green marking)


Each theme offers two complementary weeks in Maastricht (marked by D1, D2, L1, L2, S1, S2) and one week at a partner university abroad (marked by D3, L3, S3).


You are allowed to select all three weeks from one elective (same colour) or mix your electives (multiple colours). However, you need to take the following into account:

  • At least one of three weeks should be completed in Maastricht.
  • At least one of three weeks should be completed abroad.
  • You cannot complete two weeks abroad that focus on the same elective theme.
  • If you prefer to receive recognition of an elective theme on your MBA diploma supplement, you should complete at least two weeks from one elective theme (colour).
  • Any second abroad week with a non-European destination will increase tuition fees by € 1.000.