Nikolaos Oikonomakis

Here at the MaastrichtMBA, we love our alumni and enjoy staying in touch! We recently caught up with recent alumni Nikolaos Oikonomakis  and his exciting job in Greece.

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Fast facts

  • Name: Nikolaos Oikonomakis
  • Started: May 2014
  • Graduated: June 2017
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Company: Hellenic Air Force General Staff/Military Staff Division
  • Function: Project-Staff Officer

Yasou Nikolaos! Why did you choose the MaastrichtMBA?

I believe the MaastrichtMBA was the most appropriate way to refine my academics. The business management was already familiar to me, albeit I was an officer in the Armed Forces, because I was a permanent member of the project board of the biggest under development programme in the Greek Armed Forces history. During that time and for almost 5 and a half years later, I learned to coordinate with joint ventures and get familiar with acceptance tests, quality management, customer expectations and products led to outcomes fit for purpose.

What do you do now?

At this time, I am back in Greece, living in Athens and working for Hellenic Air Force General Staff. On the way to make my dream come true! I am applying for international organisations vacant posts and expect the good news to arrive soon!

Can you tell us one of the greatest lessons you learned at the MaastrichtMBA?

In Maastricht, I learned to be more open with people, to respect the different, to get acquainted with it and finally love it.

I miss every moment of my MaastrichtMBA knowledge journey and look forward to coming back as a resident and active member of the community.

Wishing you the best of luck on your endeavors, Nikolaos!

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