Transformative Leadership for Future Challenges

The second 2023 educational week also has a focus on skill development and you can follow at one of our European partner universities: the renowned EADA Business School in Barcelona. Founded in 1957, EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to offer manager training programs to the business world.


This educational week is designed to inspire you with contemporary themes in management. You will discover the latest opportunities and tools available to managers that will allow you to develop your skills as transformative manager and leader to tackle future challenges. Along this week, projects will be developed and presented on the last day.


  • Negotiation strategies
  • Cultural diversity
  • Conflict management
  • Digital transformation
  • Responsible leadership
  • Sustainability


.Study load: 70 hours (13 weeks)
Contact time: 40 hours (5 days)
Credits: 6 ECTS

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