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In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of data due to digitalisation. Many new algorithmic techniques have emerged to use the data for improved decision making. New companies are disrupting traditional markets by innovative digital business models, while established players are booking success by adapting their organisations and business relationships to the digital age. Thereby, data science—the art of turning data into value—becomes a key competence in business organisations and governmental institutions.


To respond adequately to the resulting increase in demand for expertise on how to transform data science into (business) value, we offer an executive MBA with a focus on Digital Business. It connects Maastricht University’s expertise in the field of data science and its applications, with current and pressing business challenges from organisations and governmental institutions worldwide. Together we find new routes to navigate the complexity of this topic.





Small-scale teaching

MaastrichtMBA is about developing talent together. We take a highly personal approach to learning with Maastricht University’s renowned “Problem Based Learning” (PBL) as our leading pedagogy. In small groups, we challenge you to interactively acquire knowledge and skills as you share your diverse work experiences. By reflecting on these experiences, you create meaningful new insights together. In fact, working so closely with fellow students and teaching faculty brings you the most valuable learning experience of all!

MBA Maastricht
MBA Maastricht

Action based learning

Your learning does not stop where the classroom conversations end. We combine PBL with experiential learning so that academic insights are tightly connected to practice. Our participants develop the ability to reflect on their experiences and to translate their reflections into actions. After bringing cases from your own work environment to class, we will show you how to actively experiment with your newly acquired knowledge in the workplace. After completing MaastrichtMBA, you will truly “walk the talk”!

Diversity of Students

Bienvenida! Benvenuto! Karibu! 歡迎! добро пожаловать! MaastrichtMBA is home to students from all over the world. We have 31 nationalities represented in our programme. Our corporate network is a melting pot of 73 global employers, public and private, profit and non-profit. Once you have earned your MBA, your connection with this diverse group and network will open doors in many places and fields: healthcare, manufacturing, finance, banking, commercial services, IT, telecommunications and consulting.

MBA Maastricht
MBA Maastricht

Carrousel Approach

MaastrichtMBA is designed around a smart bundle of eight holistic business themes you can cover in any order – an excellent solution for ambitious professionals who sometimes just need to prioritise work above study. For each module that comes along, simply choose whether you will join it or not. As long as you complete all educational weeks within four years, you are free to arrange your study however you like! We meet 4 times a year from Monday to Friday.

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