MBA Maastricht


The MaastrichtMBA offers you a unique journey during which you will enhance your knowledge and enrich your capabilities through action-oriented learning that encompasses business practice and interactive co-creation with professors and fellow students. At the end of this journey, you will not just be better equipped but also better connected to meet organisational and societal challenges and turn them into opportunities for a better world.

PROGRAMME Digital business

To respond adequately to the resulting increase in demand for expertise on how to transform data science into (business) value, we offer the MaastrichtMBA with a focus on Digital Business. It connects Maastricht University’s expertise in the field of data science and its applications, with current and pressing business challenges from organisations and governmental institutions worldwide. Together we find new routes to navigate the complexity of this topic.

MBA Maastricht
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Maastricht University

The home of the MaastrichtMBA is Maastricht University School of Business and Economics: a leading European institute for economics and international business. We provide high quality education and conduct groundbreaking research. Our school thrives on educating and training professionals to function effectively and responsibly in international business careers and to generate ideas that advance management knowledge and practice.

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