Advantages for your employer

How MaastrichtMBA elevates your employer’s success

Every year, we assist a large number of students to secure financial support from their sponsoring organisations such as their employers. Sponsoring students in the MaastrichtMBA programme, from partial to full financial support, can develop and strengthen a company’s leadership talent pool, while retaining the employee during and after the programme.


These are other reasons to financially support your employees and enable them to partake in one of our MaastrichtMBA tracks:

We combine action-based learning with experiential learning to connect academic insights to practice. Students learn to reflect on their experiences and to translate reflections into actions. Bringing real work cases to class and then apply the new knowledge through workplace experiments.

MaastrichtMBA offers a unique elective system. Electives serve as specialised focus areas, each encompassing three face-to-face on-campus educational weeks. Students have the freedom to choose from a pool of elective weeks with three compelling themes available: Digital Business, Responsible Leadership, and Sustainable Innovation. The elective system allows our students to tailor their MBA journey and build their own curriculum depending on their personal and professional needs and interests.

MaastrichtMBA’s Executive MBA programmes accelerate the cultivation of essential leadership skills, tools and mindsets through the Leadership Development Trajectory. This trajectory runs parallel to the courses. By spreading the trajectory, we offer a structure that stimulates continuous development and deep learning through reflection with peers, your coach and mutual learning.

Designed for high-potential executives, the programme offers a transformative and hands-on learning experience. The part-time format allow students to apply theory and concepts immediately into practice at their workplace. Continuously testing new insights and innovative approaches enrich their daily operations, which helps them make immediate and tangible impact, enhancing and improving their approach from the start of their MBA journey.

By enrolling in our Executive MBA programme, your organisation gains access to the extensive resources of MaastrichtMBA – a global hub of best practices, unparalleled business insights, cutting-edge research, faculty proficiency, and a distinctive network of top-tier firms, institutions and organisations. Our student’s cultural diversity adds an extra layer of dynamism and depth to our Executive MBA tracks. You become part of a community of excellence, reaping the distinctive advantages that only a premier institution at the forefront of business education can offer.

Advantages for your employer | MBA | Maastricht University
Advantages for your employer | MBA | Maastricht University

Building your MBA case

Looking for assistance in persuading your employer to support your MBA journey? Here are some steps you can take to help them assess the value of sponsoring your education. Keep in mind that the MaastrichtMBA team is always ready to help you wherever we can!

Illustrate how your employer stands to gain from your participation in the MaastrichtMBA programme by conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis on your organisation. Connect the insights gained from this Executive MBA programme and the skills you will acquire to address your organisation’s challenges.

Determine whether you require full or partial sponsorship. Negotiate partial sponsorship options such as bonus payments, salary sacrifice, matched funding, tuition reimbursement at various stages of the programme, or time allocation—such as vacation, unpaid leave, study leave, or compensated extra days off.

Meet us on-site at the Tapijnkazerne campus. Our MBA Director and Recruitment Officers are more than happy to schedule a meeting together with your employer. Please feel free to contact the MBA office to schedule a meeting at our campus.

Or join together with your employer one of our regular information sessions, either online or on-site.

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