High-quality, international, personal, interactive, varied and complete… that is MaastrichtMBA!

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MaastrichtMBA: Since 1998 a challenging, high-quality, state-of-the-art, part-time MBA programme designed for professionals. You can choose from two flavours: an On-Campus and Online format

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Maastricht University School of Business and Economics is a leading European institute for economics and international business

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Known as the birthplace of the Treaty on the European Union, Maastricht is a unique city situated at the heart of Europe

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We are proud of our Alumni! They represent very different backgrounds and have their own unique stories to tell. Meet them and get to know their MaastrichtMBA story…

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MaastrichtMBA, the world at your feet

Maastricht University is proud to be the most international university of the Netherlands.
Your MBA journey will be a multinational and multicultural learning experience when you join our diverse student body.


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The MaastrichtMBA

High-quality, international, personal, interactive, varied and complete… that is how participants describe their MaastrichtMBA learning journey! Our MBA is a two-year part-time executive programme that focuses on responsible leadership. In this context we actively stimulate you to develop skills to lead yourself, your team and your organisation.

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