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Is there an executive MBA near me? With MaastrichtMBA’s Online track, there is. Our Online MBA track is ideal for professionals who want an executive MBA with a blended learning format without the need to relocate or put their careers on hold. This programme’s ten online courses and three face-to-face elective weeks allows you to study at your own rhythm yet with plenty of interaction with your peers and the course tutors, both on- and offline. Gain a foundation in management, international business, leadership and other fundamentals through a curriculum that will provide the skills you need to start and sustain an extraordinary business career.


You will kick off your MBA journey with our introduction programme, Leading in Learning, to gain deeper knowledge on how to become a better-equipped and responsible leader through the Leadership Development Trajectory. To complete your MBA, you put everything you have learned into practice with the Business Consulting Project thesis.


The total Online MBA track programme consists of ten online courses, which cover the functional areas of any business as well as megatrends such as entrepreneurship and organisational behaviour. Each course lasts six weeks in which you study the learning material, contribute to the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the discussion boards, follow webinars and check your learning success through quizzes. The online track is complemented by three immersive elective weeks at Maastricht University and other leading international schools on the topics of digitalisation, leadership and sustainability.


Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Leading In Learning

This three-day programme consists of inspiring sessions and workshops to (re)discover the art of learning. Time is devoted to conditions and tools that stimulate effective...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Leadership Development Trajectory

This course aims at enhancing your personal effectiveness through insights into your own management and leadership skills and capabilities. It is designed around personal ownership,...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Business Consulting Project

You will translate your learning from the MaastrichtMBA into a final Business Consulting Project (BCP). The BCP challenges you to use relevant, academic theories to...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Supply Chain Management

A common definition of supply chains is that a supply chain consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly, in fulfilling customer requests. This clearly points at...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Strategic Management

Strategic management is at the heart of management science. Strategic management takes a long-term and broad firm perspective, and in the broadest sense, strategic management...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Organisational Behaviour

To be announced.
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Managerial Economics

Understanding the economic environment is essential for the successful management of virtually any business activity ranging from placement to production and marketing decisions. Indeed, making...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Management Accounting

The intense market competition and technological changes create an ever-greater need for control systems that enable managers to manage efficiently and effectively. However, the data...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

International Marketing

During the past decade companies in increasing numbers are emerging or trying to emerge as customer focussed global marketers serving global markets. This is caused...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Human Resource Management

There are many firms without money, but no firm exists without people, making human resource management crucial for any manager. Businesses find themselves in an...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What does it take to be entrepreneurial? Does innovation define success in the long run? In this module you explore the concepts and definitions of...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Corporate Finance

If money makes the world go round, then corporate finance is the key to keeping your business alive. To many managers, corporate finance can seem...
Core programme online | MBA | Maastricht University

Change Management

Change is a fundamental part of business, whether it be through changing market demands, changes in competition, changing strategy or changes in personnel. Companies are...
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