Patrick Dickinson

Here at the MaastrichtMBA, we love our alumni and enjoy staying in touch! We recently caught up with class of 2016 alumni Patrick Dickinson and reminisced over his experience at the MaastrichtMBA and his current life. Read more to see what he is doing with all of that potential!

Fast Facts

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

Reasons to join the MaastrichtMBA program were mainly that I wanted to further my business education, stay up-to-date with science, gain a Masters degree, grow my professional network, and to improve my resumée for an increasingly competitive job market.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an Executive MBA at MaastrichtMBA?

Search yourself and identify what really makes you happy. If you can find that, pursue it and you will find real joy in your life. Titles and high salaries are nothing compared to real joy of life.

What stands out from your MaastrichtMBA experience?

We were taught that self-reflection is the strongest indicator for success in a Manager during the Organisational Behaviour module. This insight and living by it has greatly helped me during my career.

What has been the most enjoyable part of the MaastrichtMBA programme?

There are many moments I love to think back to. Some of these are: the student representative vote where Vincent and Tania won the vote (May 2016), TREK food festival 2017, Orshof soup sessions, the graduation party 2017, my last module which was Shanghai Nov 2017 (particularly the circus show on that Friday night – my last day of modules and the rooftop bar at the Hyatt Shanghai), and many more great moments.
Patrick Dickinson
Senior Manager
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