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Dear applicant,

Via this form you can submit the required information details and documents related to your application for MaastrichtMBA.

We urge you to submit all required information details and documents at once. In case of doubt, please contact the MBA Admission Office via or via telephone: +31 43 388 4939.

Thank you in advance for your efforts!

With kind regards,
MBA Admission Office MaastrichtMBA
Overview and copies of degrees and transcripts

Provide a chronological overview of the university and/or higher professional education programmes you followed.

Certified copies of your degrees and transcripts can be obtained at the student affairs office of your university or other legal authorities such as notaries and municipality offices. Certified copies contain the text ‘certified copy from original’. International candidates whose academic records are in a language other than Dutch, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish must submit both the originals as well as certified translations.
Motivation letter

The motivation letter provides you with the opportunity to present unique information about yourself to the MBA Admission Committee. The letter should answer the following questions:
  • Why do you opt for MaastrichtMBA of Maastricht University?
  • What do you consider the added value of this MBA for you?
  • What are your ultimate career goals and how can this programme contribute to reaching those goals?
  • What value will you as a participant add to the programme and its current students?
  • What other information would you like to add to distinguish yourself as a candidate for the MaastrichtMBA programme?
Curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae contains a description of your current job and your past work experience. It should include the dates of employment and company name, job title and responsibilities, management experience, budget responsibility and achievements.
Copy of passport

Please include a digital copy of your passport or identity card.
Passport-size picture

Please include a digital passport-size picture of yourself. This picture is solely required to complete the formal registration process at Maastricht University. After you have been

granted admission, the picture will be used for your student ID card, which is a proof of official registration at Maastricht University.
GMAT Focus / EA score report

Candidates for the MaastrichtMBA programme who are required to take the additional admission test should make sure that the official score report is sent directly to our business school. The code of our MaastrichtMBA programme is 2WHSH11.

In case you took the test some time ago and the report was not sent to us automatically, you can upload a scan of the official GMAT report here.

In case you took the test only recently, you can also upload your preliminary results here.
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