Future-proof Business Models


Entrepreneurship is often quoted as the most important skill to master for creating sustainable future-proof business models, as it stimulates the mind to scout for opportunities yet also cope with change in a forward-thinking, progressive and agile way. Developing the entrepreneurship muscle of you as an individual, leader and of your organisation is what you will actively engage in during the course of the elective week. Learning from peers, entrepreneurs, strategists and visionairs from practice next to learning from your dedicated team of trainers from UMIO Innovate is what you can expect.


Service Science Factory is, our very own innovation expertise partner within UMIO | Maastricht University – home of MaastrichtMBA. In the last decade it has lead and conducted more than hundreds projects to help organisations and students to develop new ideas, products, services and strategies. The toolbox they use builds on insights from design thinking.


You will be taken out of your comfort zone, as taking risk, being bold are also part of being an entrepreneur. Corporate startup mindset will also help you to strategically manage and propel your organisation to be more entrepreneurial. You will be challenged to rethink, start thinking like a start-up.


  • Sustainability foundations
  • Business Perspectives
  • Application & tools


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