Financing your MBA

How to fund your MBA journey

Securing funding for your executive MBA may be a challenge. MaastrichtMBA is committed to helping you explore financing options so that you make informed decisions. We currently do not offer financial aid, scholarships or visas of any kinds, but a wide range of loans is available to help you finance your MBA. Find out more about loan options below.

UM alumni and staff discount

Maastricht University alumni and staff members benefit from a 10% discount on the total amount of tuition fee, as well as alumni from other programmes offered at UMIO | Maastricht University.

Lifelong Learning Credit (for Dutch residents)

As MaastrichtMBA is accredited by NVAO, Dutch residents can apply for the Lifelong Learning Credit (Levenlanglerenkrediet).

Teacher grant/Lerarenbeurs (for Dutch residents)

Qualified teachers who want to apply for a bachelor or master programme, a post-initial master’s programme, or a premaster can apply for a teacher grant.

Deutsche Bildung (for German residents)

German residents can apply for a Studienfinanzierung through Deutsche Bildung, which offers monthly payments for their study.

Financing your MBA | MBA | Maastricht University
Financing your MBA | MBA | Maastricht University

Tax deductions

Each country has its own tax deduction policies and there are always opportunities to benefit from tax deductions. Although we are happy to assist you, it is not feasible to investigate the intricacies of every country’s tax system in advance.


Since it is impossible to list every opportunity here, we suggest researching financial assistance offered from your own country to finance your Executive MBA. Alternatively, reach out to the MaastrichtMBA team; we are happy to help you explore your options.

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