EXECUTIVE versus ONLINE – A guide to choose your MBA track

With the MaastrichtMBA programme, we offer a choice between two exciting learning formats: the Executive MBA track and the EuroMBA Online track. To help you select the option that best fits your personal and professional needs, we explain the key differences below.

Rest assured!

Let’s tackle your most likely concern first: whichever track you choose, both are part of the same programme: MaastrichtMBA. It means you can always rely on the quality of a Triple Crown accredited programme, an international classroom with a huge diversity of cultures and perspectives, a curriculum that is geared towards applying new concepts in your own business environments, a leadership development trajectory for the personal growth process, and a personal teaching approach that maximises the learning effect.

Executive MBA track

Our Executive MBA track offers you a unique journey that is based on a face-to-face and action-oriented learning format. Most of the education takes place during educational weeks on our beautifully redeveloped campus in Maastricht, which functions as a lively and interactive platform to facilitate co-creation with professors and fellow students in a personalised and small-scale setting.


As a student, you only need to physically attend four educational weeks in a year. Between these weeks, you can spread your study load at your own discretion, making this track ideal for people who come from far away.

EuroMBA Online track

Professionals who need maximum flexibility to combine work, study and private life, can opt for the EuroMBA Online track. The core of this track consists of online courses, complemented with three face-to-face residential weeks at Maastricht University and at other renowned partner institutes across Europe.


Students in this track are required to complete 35 weeks of online education each year. You are expected to contribute every week but you can plan the exact timing of your participation yourself, making this track ideal for on-the-road professionals and those with continuous on-site business responsibilities.

Degrees of flexibility

Both the Executive MBA track and the EuroMBA Online track offer great freedom to draft your own study schedule. It is a unique asset that has proven to attract an enormous diversity of students from all over the world, turning the MaastrichtMBA programme into a multinational, multicultural, and multifaceted learning experience.


Both tracks are flexible in slightly different ways. The Executive MBA track concentrates its learning interventions in compact five-day educational weeks, ensuring for maximum autonomy during the off-campus periods. It also provides for curricular flexibility, with students being able to choose elective modules in Responsible Leadership & Sustainability and Digital Business to further personalise their learning journey.


The EuroMBA Online track puts an emphasis on virtual presence and collaboration, meaning it requires your weekly remote attention while traveling to campus is very limited. Flexibility in this track also comes in terms of study locations, with participants being able to select their destinations for two of the three residential weeks from a list of qualified European partner universities.


We also offer you the possibility to switch between both tracks if possible. This makes your MBA journey both unique and agile. If you have any questions about the possibilities to switch between tracks, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help with your MBA quest.

Overview both tracks

At the end of both journeys, you will not only be better equipped but also better connected through a journey of personal growth to meet organisational and societal challenges, developing your personal leadership skills and turning them into opportunities for a better world.


In the following table, you can find a quick overview of the main features of both tracks.

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 Executive MBAEuroMBA Online
CertificateMaster of Business Administration by Maastricht UniversityMaster of Business Administration by Maastricht University
Target group levelExecutiveExecutive
AccreditationsTriple Crown (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA)Triple Crown (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA)
FormatFace-to-faceOnline + Face-to-face
StructurePart-time modularPart-time modular
Face-to-face education8 educational weeks of which 1 international week3 European residential weeks
Online education-10 online courses
Leadership Development TrajectoryYesYes
Electives2 elective modules on Responsible Leadership & Sustainability or Digital Business2 elective residential weeks
Length24 months (extend up to 48 months)24 months (extend up to 48 months)
Study load70 ECTS70 ECTS
FacultyMaastricht University facultyOnline partner faculty across Europe
Price€ 28,500€ 25,000
Numbers of students12841
Average age39,738,1
Average years working experience15,713,4
Different nationalities3419

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