A word from our MBA Captain: Allowing other opinions makes a community

This year there were two issues that glued my family and me to the TV, ie we switched it on even while we had dinner – a true exception at our house. In March and April we followed the Corona news and in October / November the US elections. Observing the public discussion on both issues, I am worried. I am worried because having a different opinion is immediately having a wrong opinion.


For sure I am not a Trump supporter, but I acknowledge his achievements in mastering diplomatic relations between Israel and the first Arabic countries and keeping the US economy strong (at least up to April 2020). I also think that the American China policy, on which Republicans and Democrats pretty much agree, is a more sensible approach than Europe’s approach towards China.


For sure, I do not neglect that Corona is a highly infectious disease and we need measures to keep the disease under control. However, keeping it under control is not the same as preventing any infections and deaths. Moreover, people suffer from lockdowns beyond the economic loss of income.

On both issues, I have an opinion, but my opinion is open to adjustments and I am open to understanding that people have a different opinion from me. Actually, I want to have people with a different opinion around me, these people and their views enrich me.


I find this in the MaastrichtMBA programme every day, in the team, with the students and within the larger alumni community. Somehow, the programme with its diversity of students and teachers is a representation of the world. Of course, sometimes I am irritated, sometimes it takes me a lot to understand a position and sometimes I am frustrated as things do not move as I want. When I sit back on a Sunday afternoon and reflect on the programme I would love if the world becomes like MaastrichtMBA, a community of well-willed, respectful and opinioned people who understand that taking and giving is a better strategy than fighting.


Everybody – students, teachers and the office – thank you for embedding me in such a warm and stimulating community. It is so good to feel, see, taste, smell and hear that we are at each other hearts.


Thank you for 2020 – merry Christmas – and we will make sure that 2021 is a super year for all of us.



Yours MBA Captain Boris

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