A word from our MBA Captain: Happy New Year

wishes the MaastrichtMBA. Some might think, isn’t this a bit late, while some think it is quite on time and some others think, it is quite early. Although the Gegorian calendar is used in most countries and takes January 1st as the start of new year. Other cultures use different calendars and methods of determining the start of the new year. We just celebrated the Chinese New Year (Januray 25th) and later on this year we can celebrate the Islamic New Year (August 20th) and the Jewish New Year (September 18th-20th).


Given the international profile of the MaastrichtMBA with students from 43 different countries and all continents, we are used to such differences in perspectives and perceive them as enriching our life. Cultural diversity is just one example in which understanding and combining different perspectives is important. With the Friday for Future movement, the rising majority of the world realises that we need to assess our actions through a sustainability lens as well. In February MaastrichtMBA starts to offer its students a choice between courses on sustainability & business ethics on the one hand and courses on digital business on the other hand. Thus, addressing the world‘s major themes.


From September 2020 onwards, we will offer MaastrichtMBA also in a digital format building on our experience in the EuroMBA consortium. The online format of the programme combines 10 online courses, each lasting seven weeks, with three residential weeks at Maastricht University and two European partners that focus at skill development.


Thus we are looking forward to our week in February that will be attended by more than 50 students and an exiciting year ahead.



Your Boris Blumberg, MaastrichtMBA captain

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