A word from our students: Finding how to in this new life

In a matter of weeks our lives have been turned around as a result of the pandemic. We are the same, but our reality has changed.


Privately, the major components of our lives now share the same space. Our job, family, leisure, workout… All of it in the confinement of our home. The unexpected dimension of the pandemic took many of us by surprise. Simple things that we normal take for granted are now greatly missed: a hug, a birthday celebration (with one, two or three kisses), hanging out with friends, the view from the office window. With the shops and attractions closed, it is evident how little possessions are really needed to survive. Creativity has become a precious asset to redefine our space and find the how to in this new life.


As an MBA student, besides an opportunity to catch up with reading, confinement is a moment of introspection. What structural changes will we bring to our lives? What lessons learned? Are our professional and private lives still aligned to our goals? Which opportunities are out there and what can these contribute to our communities?


In this modern world, technology allows us to keep studying and working remotely and to stay in touch with our loved ones. The great MaastrichtMBA community has found ways to remain connected. New ways are quickly developing: have you been to a virtual hang out or a MBA family session yet?


Stay united and support each other. Isolation is a choice.



Your MaastrichtMBA student representatives
Reyna Almaraz
Carlos Teijeiro

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