Announcement: New MBA Director

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Ron Jacobs has officially been appointed as MBA Director of UMIO | Maastricht University. In this capacity, Ron will serve as the new Captain overseeing the MaastrichtMBA programme.

Creating meaninful impact

Over the last 5 years, Ron has served as Head of Marketing and Communications at UMIO. Since June 2022, he was also Acting MBA Director following Boris Blumberg’s appointment as UMIO’s Executive Director. Ron has a background in Organisational Learning & Development and brings 15 years of experience in management education.

“I’ve witnessed the steep growth of the MaastrichtMBA programme over time and I’m extremely happy to see how it has evolved into its current successful shape; so naturally I feel privileged and excited to take on this role and keep enhancing the programme’s ability to create meaningful impact with everyone involved.” Ron Jacobs


Contribution to a sustainable future

We are confident that Ron will be able to use his knowledge about and passion for professional development to continue building on MaastrichtMBA’s success path and help UMIO further advance its mission to develop talent of individuals for organisations and society at large, empowering them to contribute to a sustainable future.

“Being the Captain of the MaastrichtMBA has been a very full-filling and inspiring task, actually one of the most wonderful jobs at a university. And I am thankful to the MBA students and team for our unforgettable time together. For Maastricht University, UMIO, the programme and myself it is a good point in time to have a change in the programme leadership. I am very confident that Ron with his long experience in higher education management will bring new impulses and ideas to the programme ensuring that it will continue to flourish today and tomorrow.” Boris Blumberg


Want to know more about Ron? We invite you to read our recent Q&A with him. We wish Ron lots of success in his new capacity!

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