BCP defence Ron Albers

On Thursday 31st January, Ron Albers successfully completed the MaastrichtMBA by defending his Business Consulting Project (BCP). Ron defended his BCP ‘Regulatory Fit of Rabobank’s Employability Tools’ to his assessors Melvyn Harmstra and Julia Kensbock.


We are very proud of Ron and would like to congratulate Ron once again! But why did he choose for the MaastrichtMBA in the first place? Moreover, what advice does he have for anyone considering an executive MBA at MaastrichtMBA? We have asked Ron for his motivations and advices for you.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

I wanted to enrich my capabilities on leadership so I searched for an MBA program, which offered content on strategic level and multiple knowledge areas. Second, I preferred an MBA that combined knowledge with personal reflection and development.

Why did you decide to pursue an executive MBA at the MaastrichtMBA?

The possibility to combine a study with an intense career and a part-time module in which you check-in at the university once every three months. Second, the international focus and variety of the program. Third, participants from all over the world enrich the program with a richness of cultural aspects and variety of angles on leadership.

How have you profited?

Absolutely! Although, reading all the articles can be intense with gaining many new insights, I learned most during the group assignments, where we often shared and discussed theory and practice in class. Because of the variety of backgrounds, you learn to see the world from different angles, which I use on daily basis in my own work environment.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an executive MBA at the MaastrichtMBA?

Join the MBA Class Experience and arrange a meeting with a student who is half way to taste what it is like.

What should applicants think about when deciding to do an MBA?

It is an investment that is more than the MBA program itself. The journey is as important as the destination. Be aware that it will cost you spare time, which will pay off later.

How do employers benefit from employees with an MBA degree?

The employer benefits from an employee that gains broader knowledge and develops personal leadership, which can contribute in the company growth.

What stands out from your MaastrichtMBA experience?

Besides the in-class moments, the international week and the leadership week were magic. I have shared special impressions and inspiration in special places with my fellow students.

What has been the most enjoyable part of the Maastricht MBA program?

The Thirsty Thursdays: after an intense study week having a beer and fun in a pub somewhere in some city. It is work hard and play hard at the MaastrichtMBA ????.

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