BCP Defense Jaroslav Vlček

On Monday, June 25, Jaroslav Vlček completed the MBA successfully by defending his BCP. The BCP topic of Jaroslav was “How to become a Customer of Choice through Creative Procurement”. His assessors were Boris Blumberg, Nadine Kiratli and Frank Rozemeijer.


We would like to congratulate Jaroslav again and wish him all the best for a magnificent future! But why did he choose for the MaastrichtMBA in the first place? And what advice does he have for anyone considering an executive MBA at MaastrichtMBA?

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

At that time (2015) I realized that I needed to get more insights in the theoretical frameworks of economics and business as I was assigned with a long term international project of establishing a new subsidiary of my company in Bulgaria.

Why did you decide to pursue an executive MBA at the MaastrichtMBA?

Modularity! My life at that point required a lot of travelling so I needed to have a fixed schedule of the educational weeks upfront.

How have you profited?

I have met many experienced people with different educational, industrial and cultural backgrounds, who were all willing to share their thoughts and ideas with me.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an executive MBA at the MaastrichtMBA?

Do not hesitate at all and start it! You can only gain from it!

What should applicants think about when deciding to do an MBA?

They should be aware of the fact that besides time, it will need a lot of energy, discipline and consistency so that it will become a part of their daily life.

How do employers benefit from employees with an MBA degree?

They will benefit from all the positive energy and new motivation their employees will gain in such an international, multicultural as well as professional environment.

What stands out from your MaastrichtMBA experience?

All the tiny chocolate bars we used to get as an afternoon snack ???? just kidding – of course all the good people I have met and who have become my friends!

What has been the most enjoyable part of the Maastricht MBA program?

I especially liked the modules where “no one was at home” meaning that we all spent the full week together!

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