Positive corona story: Supporting the poor in Jakarta

Due to job obligations, I am living in Jakarta right now and I am staying home, like many other people in the world. However, many people in Jakarta cannot work from home or keep social distance because of the lack of facilities and lack of space. In addition, there are many day laborers who have no income if they do not go to work (you can read my blog on this subject (in Dutch) via this link). Therefore, the charity organisation of which I am a board member started a fundraising to help the ones in need. You can visit our website via this link.


COVID-19 has also reached Indonesia. On April 8 there were 2738 confirmed cases and 221 confirmed deaths. The precautions promoted by the WHO, i.e. washing hands and social distancing, are not accessible for certain groups in Jakarta. Jakarta consists of many ‘kampungs’ in which the less fortunate hardly have access to clean drinking water and lack physical space to apply social distancing or work from home. Besides the health risk, no income for day laborers means no food.

We need your help!

Through our charity and local foundations, we are able to reach the people in these neighborhoods. Last month we were able to help 100 families with basic supplies, thanks to the donation of a local sponsor. As more families need help, we want to take more of these initiatives. We need your help to provide more families with basic supplies! We would be very thankful if you can make a donation, so that we can continue to support less fortunate families and keep them healthy and nourished. In these times we want to show that even a little support can make a big difference.


So far, we have helped an orphanage to get extra nutritious food, provided the elderly with food packages and masks, and donated food packages to more than 100 families. We plan to provide more help in the coming period.


These are difficult times worldwide and difficult times for the poor in Jakarta. We do our best to help and contribute in some way. I hope this crisis will end soon and that we will get through this together…


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