Preview Online MBA track educational week in Warsaw

The second Online MBA educational week of 2022 has a focus on skill development at one of our European partner universities: the Triple Crown accreditated and renowned Kozminski University in Warwaw. This week on the topic of Growing for the Future is scheduled later this month from Monday June 27 to Friday July 1.


During this week in Warsaw the participants have the opportunity to focus on the competences for the future. You will discuss artificial intelligence disciplines and their impact on various economic sectors; key management changes resulting from technological developments; data science revolution, death of distance, death of time; and what the e-economy has changed for all organisations.


What can students expect of this week? Which skills will they define? And what are the must-sees of Warsaw? We did a preview together with Kozminki’s delegate, Agnieszka Marciniuk. We had a chat with Agnieszka and she will share with you all her insights of this week.

What is the connection of Kozminski University with UMIO | Maastricht University?

Kozminski University and UMIO | Maastricht University have been collaborating in the past via the former EuroMBA, when this programme was run by a consortium of European Business Schools. Both universities organised residential weeks on their own campus, being part of a collaboration of six universities.


Moreover, two professors of Kozminski University, prof. Dorota Dobija and prof. Aneta Hryckiewicz, are the instructors of two online courses of the current Maastricht MBA Online track offered by Maastricht University. That being said, we are more than happy to offer this educational week to the student of the Online MBA track.

The next Online MBA educational week will be hosted at Kozminski University. Can you tell us a little bit more about Kozminski University?

Kozminski University is a business-oriented higher education institution, considered to be the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe according to the Financial Times ranking. We pride ourselves in having obtained three prestigious international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, held by only 100 business schools worldwide. Our University was founded in 1993, which makes it one of the oldest non-public higher education institutions in Poland.


We are extremely proud that throughout the years we have created a wonderful community. There are 50 thousand people having graduated from Kozminski University so far. Most of our graduates, students, and employees stay in touch with and support each other – be it in the field of business or education, or by maintaining semi-personal relationships during networking meetings as well as at orientation events and trips.

What can students expect of the Kozminski University campuses during the educational week?

In the past years we put a lot of effort to make our campus a modern, and at the same time friendly space. So I hope, apart from classes, our UMIO guests will also enjoy the atmosfere of the place itself. The university is located quite close to the Old Town and the city center (which in Warsaw is not the same!), so it is also convenient for our visitors.


Can you share with us some insights of the upcoming Online MBA educational week on the topic of Growing for the Future and which skills will the students define and develop along the week?

During the Week in Warsaw the students will have the opportunity to focus on the competences that will be vital in the near future. They will discuss artificial intelligence disciplines and their impact on various economic sectors; key management changes resulting from technological developments; data science revolution; what the e-economy has changed for all organizations. We have invited great experts in the field, with a wide international experience.


Apart from classes, there is also a group project with the Polish company – a global provider of IT solutions for business, which in the last years made its way to the international markets of new technologies.

Which advice would you give our students who will join this educational week?

I think the advice is always the same: come with an open mind, learn and share as much as possible, enjoy the team spirit that is always unique during such meetings.

And which must-sees do you recommend when coming to Warsaw?

That’s a difficult one. Warsaw, with its rich history and culture, has a lot to offer and everyone will find something interesting and special. June is a great month to visit, as our capital is a very green city with lots of parks – it often comes as a surprise to the foreign visitors.



This article present a preview of the educational week of our Online MBA track on Growing for the Future at Kozminski University, Warsaw. Our Online track has a blended format, both face-to-face as online and is part of the executive modular part-time MaastrichtMBA programme. The programme has a Triple Crown accreditation and is aimed for professionals with at least 5 years of working experience.

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