Remembering Bart Damoiseaux: MaastrichtMBA unites to fulfill his dream and support KiKa

Last July, we were informed of the loss of Bart Damoiseaux, a cherished member of our MaastrichtMBA community. Bart passed away last July at the age of 40 after bravely battling illness. To commemorate Bart, his family and friends have chosen to fulfil one of his wishes of cycling Alpe d’Huez in his honour. By cycling Alpe d’Huez, they aim to raise money for children’s cancer foundation KiKa, a cause close to Bart’s heart. MaastrichtMBA has launched a campaign to help raise funds for KiKa in support of this endeavour.


Bart studied at Maastricht University to gain his Master’s degrees in Dutch Law and Tax Law at the Faculty of Law. He later worked for ABP and embarked on his MBA journey at MaastrichtMBA in September 2015, demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. Unfortunately, due to his illness, he was unable to finish his MBA at MaastrichtMBA.


Despite his illness, Bart’s spirit remained undiminished, leaving an indelible mark on those who knew him. He leaves behind his beloved wife Anna and their two daughters Sophie and Eva, as well as a legacy of kindness and determination.

The Alpe d’Huez dream

Bart’s unfulfilled dream of cycling Alpe d’Huez will now be realised by his family and friends in his honour to raise money for KiKa. KiKa was a foundation close to Bart’s heart: his daughters Sophie and Eva were his great loves. While fighting his illness, he saw children fighting cancer in the oncology wards of the hospital, which deeply affected him. His wish was to contribute to a world where all children can grow up free of cancer.


To help raise money for this amazing cause, MaastrichtMBA has launched a campaign to raise funds for KiKa, contributing to a crowdfunding initiative dedicated to fulfilling Bart’s wish. Additionally, MaastrichtMBA is offering merchandise sports t-shirts, with all proceeds directed towards the charitable cause.


To participate in the campaign and honour Bart’s memory, individuals can contribute to the crowdfunding effort or get in touch with us to order an exclusive MaastrichtMBA sports T-shirt with all proceeds going to the charity. Together, let’s raise sufficient funds for KiKa to commemorate Bart and help his wishes come true.

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