Sauerland, my heart beats for the Sauerland

Last weekend I spent with our dog in Sauerland, a hilly recreational region about two hours driving from my home. My initial idea was to hike the first three of eight stages of the Rothaarsteig, a 155 km hiking trail starting in Brilon to Dillenburg. On the first day, I had planned to park the car at the end point of the three day hike and then return by public transport to the starting point. However, reaching the end point proofed difficult as many bridges were still closed due to heavy rainfalls two days earlier. So I changed the plan and parked the car at the starting point and started walking. After the first 5 km my trousers were wet well above the knees as the narrow path often crossed fields with high grass and after 10 km my socks were wet as well as the water dripped from the trousers in the hiking boots. Somehow, I did not really care and after another 20 km I reached my first destination – the small town Willingen. I was proud to have managed the first stage but the thought of another 30 km hike to Winterberg the next day was not cheering me up at all.


The next day, I decided to take the train to Brilon, got back to my car and drove to the hotel close to Winterberg, took a walk to the top of the Kahlen Asten, the most famous, but not the highest, mountain in my home state and hiked just 15 km. On day three I was re-energized and hiked another 25 km in two loops around the Kahlen Asten. During these hikes, I also passed a hut of the German Alpine Association in which I had spent many weekends during my final high school years, which triggered me to re-connect with some of my old mates who immediately responded.


What are the lessons learnt?

  • Having a plan for a weekend is good, but do not expect to follow it. And it is even better not to follow it – I even hiked a bit more than in the initial plan.
  • To my surprise I hardly thought about the university and work during these days.
  • It is good to return to places that were once a very important part of your life.


This weekend was for me a very fine start of my summer vacation – just getting out and collecting new impressions – having a goal and a plan, but let the goal and plan flow. I wish your summer will have a similar flow.



Yours MBA Captain Boris

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