Human Resource Management


There are many firms without money, but no firm exists without people, making human resource management crucial for any manager. Businesses find themselves in an ever-increasing dynamic and complex world. Furthermore, with new markets opening up across the globe, firms are finding themselves with new challenges. Moreover, not only do they need more people, they also need people with the right skill set, people who are able to work in international business environments, who are sensitive to cultural diversity and who are open to new ways of working. As a result, by successfully managing your human resources, you will ensure a sustained competitive advantage for your business.


This course will teach you about the different roles of human resource management. You will learn how to find the right staff for your business and how you can develop their skill set to meet your future needs. Above all, you will gain insights into a variety of governance structures that will help your firm outperform the rest.


  • Managing Workflows
  • Staffing – Recruiting/Selecting/Downsizing
  • Development – Appraising Performance/Training/Developing Careers
  • Compensation/Reward
  • Governance – Employee Relations/Managing Discipline/Labour Relations
  • IHRM


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