International Marketing


During the past decade companies in increasing numbers are emerging or trying to emerge as customer focussed global marketers serving global markets. This is caused by forces like the slowing down of growth in domestic markets, increased competition, and a lowering of trade barriers. Since many firms become globalised, competence in international marketing is increasingly important to business professionals. How can managers protect their markets from these new entrants, and ensure growth for their product and service offerings?


Developing skills in international marketing will show you how to create value and build strong relationships with your customers. You will learn how to connect with your customers, learn how to shape and price the market offering, and learn how to communicate and deliver value.


  • International Marketing Environment
  • Human and Natural Resources
  • Demand in International Markets and Marketing Research
  • Supply of International Markets
  • Market Entry Strategies, Export and Licensing
  • International Marketing Strategies


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