Sabareesh Gopalakrishnan

Our students are the core of the MaastrichtMBA programme. Students with a broad diversity on nationality, age and even professional background. The insights and thoughts of our MBA students describe the true experience of MaastrichtMBA. This time we talked with our new Indian student Sabareesh Gopalakrishnan. He works as deputy head of production at his company at Bon-Gelati GmbH, one of the largest and most modern ice cream producers in Europe. Sabareesh joined our On-Campus track in February 2020.

Fast Facts

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

After changing jobs, I now work as the deputy Head of Production and Manufacturing in Bon-Gelati GmbH & Co. KG. The company is currently in the process of expanding and thus creating further opportunities to grow; this is also where I found inspiration to continue my education with significant support. The transition to more responsibility, handling twice the workforce, and all other facets of the business has been a tremendous learning curve. I want to explore the latest international business trends, and study and implement the newest management tools and techniques to strengthen my capabilities as a responsible leader. Pursuing an MBA will enable me to move closer to my career goals in my professional journey. I look forward to learning from the expertise of highly capable professionals with significant experience and about the various strategies adopted by the university and its professors.

Why did you choose for MaastrichtMBA?

Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics and UMIO are among the top Dutch schools that have achieved the Triple Crown-accreditation, granted to only 1% of the business schools worldwide. The university, the location of the city, the duration and structure of the MBA programme are all in line with what I aspire to invest in the next years.

What made you choose your specific MaastrichtMBA track?

The module is useful to acquire in-depth knowledge about the challenges ahead, how conscious decision making by individual and responsible leaders worldwide can have an impact on the environment. I want to understand corporate sustainability and its foundations, deconstruct various business perspectives and explore its applications.

Which skills do you want to refine during the programme?

I would like to refine my creative thinking, problem-solving abilities and management skills during my MBA track. I am keen to participate in demanding lectures and to engage in discussions that challenge my analytical and business-oriented methods of thinking.

How do you think you will benefit from doing this MBA?

I hope to strengthen my business knowledge and leadership skills. It gives me an opportunity to fulfill a dual delivery role; to bring real-time examples to the classrooms and at the same time take back the application of new strategies and tools to my organisation.

What is the most enjoyable part of the MaastrichtMBA programme so far?

The university student feeling! Coming back to school definitely makes it special. The class is very international and diverse in terms of students and staff. The interaction with other MBA students, hailing from different backgrounds and fields, has been most enjoyable. Classroom learning, panel discussions, talks from young entrepreneurs, group dinners add up to the fond memories during the intensive learning week. Moreover, don’t forget the famous Thirsty Thursday.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an executive MBA at MaastrichtMBA?

As a Triple Crown-accredited school, SBE is highly international and also part of a global network of more than 140 other universities. MaastrichtMBA, a part-time programme for executives, is ranked 15th worldwide by CEO Magazine’s Executive MBA Ranking 2020. The small class sizes give more time for one-on-one guidance, with a designated career coach for each student. The structure one-week-modules, the action-based learning with a carrousel approach and the flexibility to combine work, study and private life deserve my highest recommendation for Executive MBA applicants.
Sabareesh Gopalakrishnan
Plant Operations I Commercial Operation
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