Tamar Voskamp

Our students are the core of the MaastrichtMBA programme. Students with a broad diversity on nationality, age and even professional background. The insights and thoughts of our MBA students describe the true experience of MaastrichtMBA. This time we talked with our Dutch student Tamar Voskamp. She works as Head of Department Oncology Center at Spaarne Gasthuis, a top clinical hospital in Haarlem. Tamar joined our On-Campus MBA track in May 2023.

Fast Facts

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

I started the MBA because I wanted to push myself a little further. I have done many trainings and education, but never on this level. It was about time for me.

Why did you choose for MaastrichtMBA?

I chose the MaastrichtMBA because I liked the possibility to be on campus for five consecutive days, allowing me to really focus on study and brake away from the going concern at my job. The aspect that the MaastrichtMBA has a Triple Crown accreditation, convinced me of the quality of this institution.

What made you choose your specific MaastrichtMBA track?

The On-Campus MBA is the ideal combination for me of four weeks a year on-site while studying remotely at your own pace in between those weeks. This format is to me ideal to implement into my daily work and private life. Meeting your peer students during those weeks on-site and staying in a bubble from Monday morning to Friday evening is a real intense and mind-blowing experience. I am really happy to meet my peers four times a year and connect with them.


And rest assured, it is a great excuse to visit the wonderful city of Maastricht more often! So, for me the On-Campus MBA track, was a no brainer.

Which skills do you want to refine during the programme?

At the beginning of my MBA journey I considered the Responsible Leadership elective. This elective has a dedicated focus on the leadership development, I would like to improve for the advancement of my career.

How do you think you will benefit from doing this MBA?

Meeting students form different fields and different nationalities is stimulating. It broadens my horizon and helps me to look at different angels to challenges in my daily work.

What is the most enjoyable part of the MaastrichtMBA programme so far?

I enjoy the warm welcoming atmosphere the staff of the executive MBA creates for us. They really take pride in organising everything for the students and show their appreciation with small gifts and attending the evening programs.


But the interaction with the fellow students is a fantastic extra dimension and makes me dread the day I finish my MBA. True camaraderie, friendships and meeting of the minds. The set up is very inclusive, so you easily meet and connect with other students.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an executive MBA at MaastrichtMBA?

If you are considering the Maastricht University, take part in a on-site Class Experience. You can experience the campus and attend a lecture, but you can also interact with the students and ask about our experience. If you like studying, challenging yourself and have a lot of fun at the same time, I only have one advice: just do it!

Tamar Voskamp
Spaarne Gasthuis
Head of Department Oncology Center
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