Tuition Fees

An overview of all costs

Joining our Executive MBA programme is an investment in your future that yields lifelong dividends throughout your career. MaastrichtMBA offers flexible payment schemes to facilitate this investment.

Flexible payment

For the 2024 programme, we have allocated tuition fees equally over six instalments. Depending on when you start the programme, you will receive invoices for the six instalment spread over two years. The schedule below is an example.

Executive On-Campus MBA
Executive Online MBA
Instalment 1
Year 1: January
€ 5.750
€ 7.000
Instalment 2
Year 1: May
€ 5.750
€ 4.500
Instalment 3
Year 1: September
€ 5.750
€ 4.500
Instalment 4
Year 2: January
€ 5.750
€ 4.500
Instalment 5
Year 2: May
€ 5.750
€ 4.500
Instalment 6
Year 2: September
€ 5.750
€ 4.500
€ 34.500
€ 29.500

These tuition fees are the same for European residents as well as non-Europeans residents.

The programme fees cover the following costs:

The tuition fees does not include costs of travel expenses and insurance, accommodation costs, visa costs, and a laptop or other digital devices.

Tuition Fees | MBA | Maastricht University
Tuition Fees | MBA | Maastricht University

Extra International week options

In case you want to follow a non-European international week in our Online MBA or a second non-European international week in the On-Campus MBA track, you will pay an additional fee of € 1.000. In case you have any questions about these additional options, please don’t mind reaching out to one of our recruitment officers for more information.

Flexible tracks, competitive rates

Our Executive MBA programme’s investments mirror the flexibility of our MBA tracks, featuring highly competitive rates. We are able to offer our Executive MBA tracks at these rates because:

  • Our dedicated teaching faculty lead our lectures, ensuring not only outstanding education but also contributing to our sustainable approach as we minimise the need for staff travel.
  • MaastrichtMBA prioritises an ethos of giving back rather than profit maximisation, aiming to furnish students with the finest education to empower them to contribute their best to society.
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