Wouter Peeters

Here at the MaastrichtMBA, we love our alumni and enjoy staying in touch! We recently caught up with class of 2015 alumni Wouter Peeters and reminisced over his experience at the MaastrichtMBA and his current life. Read more to see what he is doing with all of that potential!

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Fast facts

  • Name: Wouter Peeters
  • Graduated: 2018
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Company: Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Function: Project manager & consultant multinationals, business line Industry & Buildings

Hi Wouter, nice to catch up with you! We are very curious why you did join our MaastrichtMBA?

I used to work in the Royal Netherlands Army and wanted to develop myself both personally and professionally to be able to make a smooth transition to a corporate employer.

Did the programme meet all of your expectations?

Yes it did. For me it was very valuable to get an overview on the challenges businesses are facing these days and how managers are dealing with them. This is still helping me in my current position.

What did you find the most challenging moment?

Personally, there was no specific most challenging moment, but the challenge for me was to combine the programme with a demanding job, having a growing family, and maintaning good relationships with friends and family.

What is your most precious moment on the programme?

The international module. It was both a lot of fun to be in a different culture with an energetic group of people and very insightful to get a glimpse into the way business is being done in a totally different culture/ atmosphere.

How has this programme influenced your career?

I was able to make the transition I was aiming for and feel prepared for and happy in my new position.

Can you give an example of something that you experienced in the MaastrichtMBA that has helped you in your career?

In general, the small-scale form of education in which there was space for class discussions in a very international group on modern day business topics gave me the background I was searching for.

What do you do now and where? What is your current focus?

I work for Royal Haskoning DHV, which is an international engineering and project management consultancy firm. As a project manager and consultant, it is my responsibility to manage multidisciplinary engineering and construction projects.


Doing so, I support our multinational clients to make the best value decisions, am in charge of all project controls and lead the engineering team during project development and delivery.

What advice would you give to those who on the search for an educational boost in their professional life?

The executive MBA at Maastricht University would definitely be a programme to consider! To me, the way the programma is set up (in 8 modules with educational weeks in small groups consisting of international students) was the key differentiator.


It made it manageable to execute and a lot of fun because fellow students stayed in the same city every educational week which was good for the group dynamics!

Many thanks for your time Wouter. Lets stay in touch!

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