Digital Business elective

The rise of digitalisation has led to an unprecedented surge in data volume in recent years. This influx of data has brought about numerous algorithmic techniques aimed at leveraging information for more informed decision-making. However, we know utilising digital technology to improve business performance can feel as an overwhelming challenge, while at the same time, we see very powerful solutions that are accessible at low cost with limited internal knowledge in house.


Additionally, recent developments in digitalisation such as AI and ChatGPT and their impact on (the future of) firms require an understanding of the core components of the contemporary digital eco-system, how they relate to each other, and how these components can be utilised.


Recognising the pivotal role of data science and the ability to use data and digital technology to solve current and pressing business challenges, we offer an elective course in Digital Business. This elective equips you with a heightened awareness of data science technologies, a solid grasp of their insights, and the ability to use data to transform your organisation, ensuring it is primed to fully harness the power of digital technology.

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