The MaastrichtMBA WBN is represented by two students; one from the On-Campus track and another one from the Online track. Both representatives are elected for a period of one year and serve on a volunteer basis. Their responsibilities are the following.


  • Be the focal points of contact for the WBN
  • Plan the events throughout the year in collaboration with the members

Representatives 2021-2022

On-Campus MBA representative

Kai Yin Or


Kai Yin Nuijten-Or currently resides in Jakarta. She is ‘originally’ from the Netherlands with a Hong Kong family background. Diversity, sense of belonging, equal opportunities and inclusion have always been important themes for her. She studied Sociology and worked for ten years as policy officer for various public institutions in the Netherlands. She is currently Chair for a Dutch NGO, ‘Werkgroep ’72’ and a guide at the Museum Nacional.


In her past and current job, she has always looked for cooperation among different stakeholders, to work on important themes for example a partnership between government and companies to promote inclusion at the work place. She believes that women add significant value in business and society. Recognising this creates opportunities one might not have thought of. She is looking forward to working with a diverse range of stakeholders to seize these opportunities for women and the involved organisations, and in particular the amazing women from MaastrichtMBA!

Online MBA representative

Yonnique Goliath


Yonnique Goliath, South African national, is currently an independent consultant, resident in Brazil but globally mobile, specialised in corporate governance, focusing on ethics, risk, and compliance. She is passionate about corporate governance and creating opportunities for personal development. She is inspired by stories of women empowerment and leadership that brings out the best in others.


She completed her BCom (Law) at Stellenbosch University before joining a financial services organisation and thereafter a nonprofit company in Johannesburg, where she fulfilled various roles, including corporate and risk governance. During this time, Yonnique completed her law degree, followed by a Master of Arts in Applied Ethics at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). In her spare time, Yonnique enjoys reading, exploring new places, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

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