MaastrichtMBA Women Business Network

The MaastrichtMBA Women Business Network (WBN) is an initiative of MaastrichtMBA students and established based on the need of community engagement among the female students of the MBA programme via networking support for personal and professional growth.


To ensure the continuity of the network, the MaastrichtMBA WBN is represented by two students; one from the On-Campus track and another one from the Online track. Via this link you can read more about the network’s governance.




The WBN Mission

The MaastrichtMBA WBN is a professional development community of women alumni and current students that facilitates networking opportunities among the community and with like-minded MBA organisations and worldwide business representatives and leaders in a wide range of sectors and industries to transfer and spread knowledge and experience.

Vision of the network

The MaastrichtMBA WBN aims at promoting gender equality by empowering women through personal and career growth and by encouraging and supporting women towards their target of leadership positions in the workplace and beyond.

WBN core values

  • Commitment: brings value addition, innovative ideas and dedication to achieve goals.
  • Authenticity: breeds loyalty in a culture of trust and open communication to enable engagement and a positive environment.
  • Collaboration: means partnering and working together towards a common goal.


  • To provide a professional platform for interaction and knowledge and experience sharing among the female community of the MaastrichtMBA programme. Therefore, the network has a created strategic vision on the event structure which you can look into via this link.
  • To enable networking opportunities with female business representatives and leaders in a wide range of sectors and industries.
  • To be a resource on personal and professional growth.
  • To liaise with like-minded MBA organisations.
  • To mentor female undergraduate students of Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics (SBE).

Work plan 2021-2022

Currently under preparation, the MaastrichtMBA WBN priority actions in its first year of operation are the promotion of the WBN among the MaastrichtMBA community and the exploration of cooperation avenues including discussions on potential partnership opportunities with relevant MBA organisations in coordination with the MBA Staff at the university.

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