Sustainable Innovation elective

One of humanity’s greatest challenges? Transforming our economic system and businesses to no longer compromise ecological systems – while achieving equitable economic outcomes for all. Sustainable development goals such as minimising climate change, biodiversity loss, resource degradation, poverty and inequality are only some of today’s many wicked problems.


The strategic change needed to address these problems implies a fundamental shift in direction and processes on an individual, departmental and organisational level. A strategic change’s scope and impact is large and deeply affects known structures. Strategic change touches all stakeholders and the related web of relationships; employees in all echelons, suppliers, shareholders, customers, et cetera.


This elective is tailored to empower you as an accelerator of sustainability within your organisation and help you navigate these changes. It is designed to drive sustainable business outcomes and align with sustainable development goals. The elective incorporates modules on sustainability and business ethics, offering a comprehensive exploration of sustainability that includes ethical considerations. It also delves into sustainable business models using the five steps of the design thinking theory, enabling you to tackle today’s pressing challenges in a sustainable manner.

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